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How tokenised securities are unlocking revolutionary opportunities for global investors.

More transparent, secure and streamlined ways of investing in businesses have emerged. Find out how to invest in security tokens using innovative platforms driven by blockchain technology.

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The essential bridge between traditional investments & blockchain technology.


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When you’re considering investing in STO, kickstart your ventures on the Tribe Digital Ventures platform. You’ll find businesses looking to sell shares of their company for digital tokens in order to raise capital. Our database gives you first-hand access to these listings, so you can invest in industries you’re passionate about and previously had limited access to.

How it works


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Security token offerings are the regulation-backed answer to ICOS, providing peace-of-mind for investors like you that any digital asset you buy is supported by a real-world asset. When you buy an STO, the process is automated and runs on a smart contract, meaning it’s completely fraud-proof and there are no costly intermediaries to consider. Once you’ve made your investment, you can track it closely 24/7.


The team behind Tribe Digital Ventures has a deep understanding of blockchain and tokenized securities. If you have any other questions not listed below, just get in touch.

To break down this question, it’s easier to start with the definition of a security. A security is a fungible asset that holds some monetary value, such as ownership in a company’s stock. Security tokenisation is the process in which ownership of a security is materialised, in the issuance of a digital token. These security tokens are then issued and traded on the blockchain.

The key properties of blockchain bring a much-needed change to the traditional world of investing: transparency, privacy and security. Due to blockchain’s decentralised efficiency, there’s no need for a middleman, removing the possibility of tampering at some point in the process. This decentralisation and cryptographic algorithms that run blockchain make it immune to access from unauthorised parties.

Digital tokens, or security tokens, have to pass the “Howey Test” to be deemed secure. STOs are subject to strict regulations, ensuring that investors are fully protected. Your property rights will be recorded in a smart contract that is immune to fraud.

Smart contracts are computer protocols that record transactions without the need for middlemen. They automatically enforce the agreement, so that both parties can be confident it will go ahead as planned. Smart contracts are encoded on the blockchain and encrypted on a shared ledger, so cannot be hacked.

STOs have overtaken ICOs as the innovative way to raise money, thanks to the regulations they add to the space that were never there before. Thanks to advances in technology, the STO infrastructure is in place to offer a faster, more transparent and more secure way of raising money, which is opening up opportunities to businesses and new investors.

Why Tribe Digital?

The power of blockchain & a fresh approach to investments.


Our platform utilises smart contracts as a trustless third party, for a decentralized exchange where trades are managed - for no more market manipulation.


We’ve kept our user interface simple for a seamless experience for new and seasoned token investors, with zero compromise to security.


Every stakeholder can enjoy complete transparency when trading security token offerings on the blockchain. With strict regulations and no expensive intermediaries, STOs are fraud-proof.

OUR Process

Asset tokenisation made simple.

Tribe Digital Ventures takes care of the technical implementation process, creating new digital assets and tokens that disrupt the way you trade on financial markets.

1 - Research

Browse our company listings and read the whitepapers to find out more about available STOs.

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Select the STO you’re interested in and make the investment through our secure platform.

3 - Track

Track your investment closely and contact us for further assistance.

Make the right STO investment decision at the right time, with Tribe Digital Ventures.

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