About Us

Tribe Digital Ventures

Pioneers for the investment revolution, we’re bridging the gap between blockchain technology and the traditional
investment space through an innovative platform for tokenised securities.

Why Tribe Digital?

Tokenise your next project with us.


We’re a Tribe of blockchain experts and advocates with years of combined experience in crowdfunding and blockchain.


We’re bringing a new way to invest in businesses, with a secure platform and fractional ownership options.


24/7 support from our team to help you make the right STO investment decisions, at the right time.


Our Mission

We connect brokers and investors with ambitious companies across the world, making trades more accessible and more secure than ever before. By changing the way investors search for and buy shares in companies, more people can invest in the brands they love and expect a good return on their investment.

Who are we?

Tokenise your next project with us.

We are a group of like-minded blockchain enthusiasts that are experts in our respective fields of software development, compliance, marketing and the law who have a vision of simplifying the digital capital raising process for business and the tokenisation of securities (security token offering - STO).

The aim of Tribe Digital Ventures is to:

simplify the STO capital raising process for businesses and provide them with access to investors that can ultimately also be users of their services or customers of their goods

provide investors access to projects that they otherwise may not have access to.

Our Team

Meet the Tribe

Our team

CEO | Director

Christopher Evans
Our team


Renee Du Bois
Our team

Administration Officer

Annie Mae Baquirquir

Our network

The Tribe Digital Ventures Platform brings together a network of partners, businesses and investors who are developing and capitalising on security token offering structures.

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